How is an air cooler different from an air conditioner?

Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner

Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner – What is the Difference?

Many people get confused about the differences of an air cooler vs. air conditioner. Although an air cooler and air conditioner are both used to cool down the air, each has it’s own benefits and disadvantages. The one that will be the best choice will depend upon what the air is like where you live, and how much you want to spend initially and in the long run.

Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner humidityHumidity Levels When Using an Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner

If you live in a climate that has high humidity levels, you should consider using an air conditioner rather than an air cooler. Air conditioners remove the humidity in the air, which increases comfort levels and makes it easier to breath. Air coolers on the other hand, add more humidity to the air because they use water when cooling the area.

Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner Air Quality

Air coolers, also known as swamp coolers, operate by introducing fresh air into the system and then after passing by water, blowing that fresh air into the room. Air conditioners use the air already available and after cooling it, circulate it back out of the system.

If having fresh air constantly reintroduced into the room is important, you should choose an air cooler. Where as, if fresh air is not as important, you should consider either system, exploring other characteristics before making a decision.

Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner costAir Cooler vs. Air Conditioner Operational Costs

Using an air conditioner to cool down the environment around you can increase your electric bill up to 50% when compared to months that you do not have to use one. This is a significant increase in electric use and cost.

Air coolers are very cost effective when compared to air conditioners. They can perform the same cooling process for approximately 75% less than that of an air conditioner.

If the cost of cooling your environment is a major concern, the air cooler is an obvious choice that will save you large amounts of money.

The Impact of an Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner on the Environment

Some people choose to buy and use environmentally friendly appliances in order to conserve energy and preserve air quality for future generations. If these things are important to you, you should consider using an air cooler vs. air conditioner.

Air Cooler vs. Air ConditionerAir coolers use a natural method of cooling the air by a process of water evaporation. The system takes in fresh air and passes it by water soaked pads that cool the air, and then sends it back out of the system. This process is very natural and preserves air quality. It also uses less electricity at the same time.

Air conditioners use a chemical refrigerant, such as Freon, to cool the air that is already present, and then the system sends that air back into the area. Some people believe that coolants can be harmful to the environment. They use a significant amount of electricity to perform the cooling task as well.

In the end, you will have to take all these things into consideration and decide which factors are the most important to you. Hopefully, this article has been helpful and informative regarding differentiating between an air cooler vs. air conditioner.

Sanyo Air Conditioning

Info on Sanyo Air Conditioning

Sanyo Air ConditionersSanyo has been producing air conditioners since 1958 and has always been a leader in innovations towards air conditioners that are the best option in energy efficiency both in heating and cooling solutions.

Sanyo air conditioning line of wall mounted are considered one of the best in the industry with its microprocessor that makes sure that the temperature and humidity in the room is uniform for outmost comfort. The microprocessor also controls the fan speed: low, medium and high and the air sweep to sustain air flow throughout the room.

Sanyo air conditioning offer different types of air conditions for domestic and commercial use. The Sanyo Ductless air conditioner’s installation is simple, fast and efficient since there is no need to cut up large openings in existing walls. The compressor is located outside therefore the providing whisper quiet operation inside. Sanyo air conditioners have perfected its rotary compressors to provide efficient, powerful cooling with the lowest of noise levels in the industry. The Sanyo ductless air conditioners comes with a safety power string, different cooling settings, a child lock facility, an energy saving sleep mode and self-restart feature  and many more. Sanyo air conditioners also offer a unique feature that detects air best  Sanyo Air Conditionerspollutants and dust particles in the air, removing it and purifying it into fresh air. It also monitors odors and smells like cigarette smoke, pet odors, cooking odors by using its sensors to purify the air.

Sanyo air conditioning are also energy efficient, consuming less energy but giving maximum output. It reaches set temperatures very quickly with a push of a button it will provide heat or cool the air in the room quickly.

Sanyo air conditioners provides salient designs, low noise and power efficiency providing comfort and energy savings and easy installation, points to consider when choosing an air conditioner for the home.



Carrier Air Conditioning Prices

Info On Carrier Air Conditioning Prices

Carrier Air Conditioning PricesThinking of installing a new air conditioner unit in your home? Will you be choosing a Carrier air conditioning prices, a Sanyo, a GE or an LG unit? Here are some of the factors to consider on determining how cheap or how expensive a unit can be. These include the warranty, the air conditioner brands, the air conditioning efficiency and the air conditioner size which is in accordance to the size of the room. Brands with a 10 year warranty are more expensive than a unit with a 5 year warranty.

The brand name also determines the range of prices for an air conditioning unit. Although different in brand names, the Tempstar and Payne brands are owned by Carrier Air conditioning prices. Another factor that affects air conditioning prices is the air conditioning efficiency. Air conditioning efficiency or the Energy Efficient Ratio (EER) or in some areas it is referred to as Seasonal energy Efficient Ratio (SEER) is the measure of how a cooling system operates efficiently at a specific outside temperature usually at 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher the EER, the more energy efficient is the system and the more expensive the unit.  And the last Carrier Air Conditioning Prices affordablefactor to consider is the air conditioner size. If the unit is too small in relation to the room, the unit will not be able to cool the area effectively. A large area will need a larger unit or a supplementary cooling fan may be needed.

Carrier Air conditioners are one of the leading brands and also one the most trusted brands in air conditioning systems. It is also one of the most affordable brands with Carrier Air Conditioning prices ranging from $1500 to more than $5000. These prices include the unit and the installation.  Every Carrier unit comes with a 10 year warranty for its compressor and a warranty for the entire unit is 5 years, a sound protection for your investment in the years to come.



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